Mission to Syria

Since October 2016, we have pledged as a Church to do what we can for Syrian Refugees.  We have decided to specifically support two charities who work directly with refugees close to their homes.  Listen out for our latest fund-raising projects, or organise some fund-raising yourself!  The project co-ordinator is Sandy Salisbury.

You can do something to help refugees from Syria. The complexity of the situation, the politics, the horrifying images in the media and the seemingly endless fighting tend to make us want to forget the families uprooted by the war. To think we can’t do anything meaningful. But we can. We can do something for the refugees.  We can do something for their children. We can help. The need is great, and the stories devastating. Here's how you can be involved:

The BMS (Baptist Missionary Society) project in Lebanon, Syria’s Forgotten Families, is giving hope, practical support and trauma counselling. 

Open Doors UK:  Open Doors is working with refugees in Iraq and Syria, through local churches, to provide housing, food, medical care, education, and employment projects, as well as spiritual support, through their project: 

Open Doors is launching a global, seven-year campaign to mobilise Christians around the world to bring hope to the Middle East – and we need you and your church to be a part of it.


Syria and Iraq are in crisis. War and Islamic extremism have caused millions to flee, while millions of others are displaced within the region, struggling to survive, often too poor or unwell to leave. Christians face the added threat of being targeted by Islamic extremists, who are determined to eradicate the church from the Middle East. And yet, many of our brothers and sisters are choosing to stay and serve their communities. They believe they have a vital role to play in rebuilding their nations.

Open Doors partners are providing tens of thousands of families with vital aid and long-term support. But their work is hard, and no one knows when the crisis will end. The global church cannot stand by and let the church in the Middle East be destroyed or forgotten.

Follow their activities HERE