ECC Statement of Faith

Welcome to our Statement of Faith.  This is a declaration of what we as a Church believe and may help you to answer some questions about ECC such as:

- What do we believe about God?

- What do we believe about Jesus? 

- What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?

- What do we believe about the mission of ECC?. 

- What do we believe it means to be a follower of Jesus?

- Why would I want to become a member of the church and follower of Jesus?

We extend a welcome to everyone irrespective of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, marital status, physical or mental ability, political stance or theological perspective. Please head over to the  Welcome Page.

The Members of Exwick Community Church believe:

1.      In one God: the Father Almighty, Jesus Christ His Son our Saviour and Lord, and the Holy Spirit, our Guide and Helper (Matt 28:19, 1 Pet. 1:2)

2.      That the Bible, the Word of God, is inspired by the Holy Spirit, tells the true story of God’s love for humanity, and is the rule and example for personal faith and lifestyle, and for church order (1 Tim. 3:16)

3.      That all of humanity’s rebellion against God and failure to attain His perfect standards has resulted in a broken relationship with God (Rom. 3:23), and that separation from God, enslavement to sin and death are the primary consequences of this (Rom. 6:23)

4.      That faith in Jesus Christ, who was put to death on a cross as the ultimate punishment for our wrongdoings, and came back to life again three days later (1 Cor. 3:22-24), is the only way of forgiveness and new birth (John 3:5-8; Rom. 3:22-23) and that those who are sincerely sorry for their rebellious actions, believe in Jesus as Saviour in their hearts and confess Him as Lord will be brought back into relationship with God (Acts 2:38).

5.      That Jesus Christ will return to judge the world in righteousness and establish his eternal kingdom of peace and justice. (1 Thess 4:16-17. 2 Thess 1:7-9).

If you would like to talk to us about our Statement of Faith, about Church Membership or becoming involved in the life of ECC please head over to our Contact Us page, or send us a message via Facebook.